Donkeys provide

Emotional Support

Increased self-esteem

A dependability of character- animals provide unconditional love

Feelings of security or safety

Touch, relaxation and health

Exercise, play and fun

Social facilitation

A sense of nurturing

Aesthetic pleasure.
Thera-Pets is an animal assisted visitation program

Research has shown that donkeys can form lifelong
friendships and have the ability to experience emotions.
Donkeys are smaller and less intimidating than some
farm animals allowing someone with no animal
experience to get close to them.  They are naturally
calm animals, often choosing to stand stoic in a crisis
while deciding what to do.
Pine Harbor Therapy Visit
Therapy visit at Pine harbor
Visiting friends
Spreading smiles in the nursing homes
Visiting Clinton County Nursing Home
The girls at Clinton County Nursing Home
Donkeys saying hello
Clinton County Nursing home Christmas Cheer
Christmas Season Clinton County Nursing Home
Sae-Jin at Clinton County Nursing Home
Butternut Ridge Miniature Donkeys - All Rights Reserved
Webmastered by Holly Besaw
Firecracker & Holly visiting at the
Clinton County Nursing Home
Ken & Sue with Celeste visiting Kermit at his
Home visit to Kermit Irwin's  home
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Firecracker & Holly visiting at the
Clinton County Nursing Home
Our goals are to continue traveling to facilities and provide
therapy visits. In addition we will provide on-site visitation

We will
provide programs to meet the needs of the community
for individuals with disabilities
Our groups are tailored to the individuals needs and abilities.
We also work with grieving children.
Our Goals
Our mission is to improve human health
through the use of farm animals.
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