Dakota 10 months old
Nigerian Dwarf Goat.
Millie Fleur Bantams
Kickin' Up Dust Farm
Jonathon's Journey Group - Taking the donkeys for a walk to the park
Fire Cracker, Ellie, Faith, & Copper
Domino & Dakota
Cheyenne, Copper, & Faith
Cheyenne & Sassy
Fire Cracker & Ellie - Donkey Love
Jaylynn - petting Doll
Jaylynn petting the Donkeys
Domino & Dakota - browsing
Ken & Holly Besaw

The farm is located in
Schuyler Fall, NY

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Shetland Sheepdogs
Camie & Dixie
Cloe & Camie
Lance trimming
Coppers hooves
Copper  with Kenny
Reserve Grand
Schoharie Co. Fair
Mom getting lots of
donkey love
Copper & Holly
Mom & Faith at Meadow
Brook Rehab Center,
visiting our dear friend
Ralph who has sense
passed away
On The Farm
Webmaster ed by; Holly Besaw
Kickin Up Dust has welcomed
Rescue Donkeys to the farm.
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Adoption Center is now open with  
donkeys ready to be adopted.
Click here to see the News Story
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Like us on Facebook: Peaceful Valley Donkey
Rescue Adoption Center Northern NY

Butternut Ridge Misty's Jessie
born on Nov. 26, 2016
Kickin Up Dust
Miniature donkeys
Misty Blu

We have also
added to new goats

Butternut Ridge Elliot's
Born on May 10, 2017
Perfection's Misty Blu

DOB: January 8, 2004
Color: Dark Brown 34"
Dam: MJB Misty Misty 32.5"
Sire: Perfection's Blu Aces 33.75"
Foaled 1/2006 - Jack - owned at the time by Mr. Boysen
Foaled 6/14/09 Jennet - "Celeste"
Foaled 4/23/11 Jack - "Elmo"
Miscarried due to a kick, 4/2012 Jack foal
Foaled 11/11/13 Jack Geronimo
Foaled Jennet 11/26/16 "Jessie"
RIP Trista
She was my first
and what started us
down the road to
having a farm. We
would not be where
we are today without
this beautiful girl. She
was an amazing
horse and will never
be forgotten.
To schedule a visit to meet the
rescues call 518-569-1263
To schedule a Therapy visit,
call 518-569-5355
You can request the visit to be
held at  Kickin' Up Dust Farm
in Schuyler Falls, NY

We will be hosting
a special needs
children's group
that will be held on
Sundays from
3:00 pm - 4:30
Starting  April 8th
for 10 sessions.
There is no charge
for this group.
We will be coming
up with a new
name for the group.
Space is limited.
Butternut Ridge Celeste
DOB: June 14, 2009
Color: Black
Dam: Perfection's Misty Blu 34"
Sire: Circle C Durango 33"
Ass-Prin Acres Ruffnia Fay
Barn name: Fay
DOB: December 4, 2012
Color: Sorrel
Dam:  Heiken's Ark  Red Rosa 31"
Sir: Arbor Ledge Little Red 31.5"
Foaled Jennet - Jenna 9/16/16
Kickin Up Dust