Butternut Ridge Jennets
Cisco & Sons' Penridge Geena
DOB: April 26, 1994
Color: Gray-Dun 30.25"
Dam: Penridge Mary Gene 32"
Sire: Penridge Blue PB 31"
Foaled 3/29/03 Jennet "Jolie"
Foaled 10/11/09 Jennet - "Chequita
Foaled - Jack 7/26/12 "Fernando"
Retired from foaling living the good life!
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Red Willow Jamaica
DOB: June 26, 1999
Gray-Dun 34.5"
Dam: Hilda's Sunny Farm Annie  33.75"
Sire: Circle C Tabasco  34.5"
Foaled 8/25/09 Jennet - "Cleo"
Foaled 4/17/11 Jennet -"Ellie"
Foaled - Jack 12/24/12 "Frosty"
Foaled - Jack 5/5/15 "Indiana"
FOR SALE with her foal or once he is weaned
Foal due May 2017
Perfection's Misty Blu
DOB: January 8, 2004
Color: Dark Brown 34"
Dam: MJB Misty Misty 32.5"
Sire: Perfection's Blu Aces 33.75"
Foaled 1/2006 - Jack - owned at the time by Mr. Boysen
Foaled 6/14/09 Jennet - "Celeste"
Foaled 4/23/11 Jack - "Elmo"
Miscarried due to a kick, 4/2012 Jack foal
Foaled 11/11/13 Jack Geronimo
Foaled Jennet 11/26/16 "Jessie"
Butternut Ridge Celeste
DOB: June 14, 2009
Color: Black
Dam: Perfection's Misty Blu 34"
Sire: Circle C Durango 33"
Butternut Ridge Jamaica's Cleo
DOB: August 25, 2009
Color: Gray-Dun
Dam: Red Willow Jamaica 34.5"
Sire: Rearview's Red Rock  32.5"
Foaled 6/27/12 Jennet "Faith"
Foaled - Jack 4/27/15 "Ike"
Foaled - Jennet 3/27/17 "Kenya"
Ass-Prin Acres Ruffnia Fay
Barn name: Fay
DOB: December 4, 2012
Color: Sorrel
Dam:  Heiken's Ark  Red Rosa 31"
Sir: Arbor Ledge Little Red 31.5"
Foaled Jennet - Jenna 9/16/16
Pitcher Perfect Gracie
DOB: June 18, 2001
Color: Black w/ Cross
Dam:  W.S.F Dawn 35"
Sir: MGF Millenium
Came to BRF 2013
Jennet "Isabella" 6/21/15
last year,  we have decided to downsize our
herd.  She came to us over weight and
needs some TLC to gently get her weight
down. She is friendly, and would love a
forever home and lots of love, that she will
gladly give back . She is very sweet

Bred will foal in spring 2017
She will be for sale with her foal or
after the foal is weaned
Butternut Ridge Kiki
DOB: April 12, 2006
Color: Gray-Dun
Dam: TZ's Tiny Dancer 34.5"
Sire: Feather Ridge's Pepee 33"
11/17/10 Jennet - "Denali"
7/4/12 Jack "Freedom"
Jennet "Jewel" 10/18/16